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Nojaluck, the Hunter warframe


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First Concept: 11/7/2016
Assisted by: @WereFowl

The original idea here was to create a warframe that had low energy, but high in other stats. It quickly evolved into a warframe based around finisher damage. Don't you compare

this one to Inaros, Inaros is throwing pocket sand in people's eyes and throwing shotguns in their face.

Acquisition: From Hyena Pack (maybe Loki can have about a 5-10% of dropping from enemies when you stealth kill them)
Nojaluck (Nujalik (Inuit goddess of hunting on land)

-- Appearence

- Hooded
- Metallic, shiny red where the eyes are (Accents)

- Wearing a hoodie/sweatshirt (Primary, looks like cloth)
- "Ripped clothing" ('skin' showing is affected by Secondary)
- Duct Tape (Tertiary)
- Very similar to the Hunter from L4D

-- Abilities ([#] = energy)

1. Swipe [15] Brings out her claws and swipes at an enemy, making them bleed.
[] Damage - 75/100/125/150 (melee scales)
- Slash proc
- Stagger for finisher

2. Pounce [50] Nojaluck viciously pounces on an enemy, tearing their flesh apart
[] Duration - (1/2/3/4)s
[] Strength - (65/80/95/110) (finisher damage) (scales off of melee)
- Able to miss with this, kind of like Excalibur's Slash Dash

3. Growl [25] Nojaluck emits a low gutteral growl, inflicting fear into her enemies and possibly making them drop their weapons in fear.
[] Range - (20/30/40/50)
- Enemies running away for (2/4/6/8)s are open to finishers

4. Feral [50](3/s) Nojaluck becomes feral and summons her pack for the hunt
[] Damage: 150/200/250/300 (melee scales)
- Gets on all fours and gains the ability to jump off of walls, similar to the Hyena pack/Zanuka
- Bullet jumping acts as a Pounce
- Increases sprint speed by 50%
- Unable to use guns
- Spawns (1/2/3/4) wolves with mirrored stas as Nojaluck
    - Count affected by STR mods

Energy: 50 unranked - 150 max

Armour: 500
Shields: 50 unranked, 150 max
Health: 100 unranked, 300 max
Sprint Speed - 1.4

Passive: Kubrows have 10% more armor and health

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