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(spoilers) New and some old systems are...


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Im seeing the effects of these new mods, so now we have double primed pure damage mods that do exactly what DE said they dont want to do, And to unlock them........this isnt cool DE now you HAVE to have these to use on new content or die over and over........

This isnt fun, the story was great...but now i might take a break if you plan on adding prime prime mods with overkill mods that are tedious to acquire. like arcanes these are not a good way to implement new ideas,

Bullet sponge sentients, Infinte health enemys who can only be killed by a 100 health operator in a 1,000 plus damage environment with complete degradation of gear that must now use double primed mods that are others impossible to get unless you bring agian high health super damage gear, and those stupid raids with 110 level enemys with a reward that must be repeated 7 times to take full advantage of. 

Be this salt but this is honesty, and i hate to be the one to go on and on with a large sum of the great content added(in desighn/story) but this difficulty is not fun, the only people ive seen including what might become former friends are ones who enjoy power play(just in it for stats/success with tory being secondary) and people who are too excited with the new content to be blinded by the fact that mission can be ruined completely by these stupid grineer.

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