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kavat genetic code help



i have recently decided to go for a kavat which was not a good idea as i have tried for 6 hours now in a row farming orokin derelict and gotten zero kavat genetic codes and im wondering what can i do to get them since clearly my current attempts have given me nothing. my current setup is im doing orokin derelict exterminate and im scanning 6-7 kavats per key with a fully upgraded simaris scanner. i have looked around online but people only suggest groups which for me is a no since i tried yesterday and everyone either killed them after they scanned or used a heliocor so no one could get scans plus the kavat spawn is not the issue the fact no matter how many i scan i have yet to see 1 genetic code is.  so my question is anyway to increase the chance or am i just having severely bad rng here?

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