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My feelings on TWW new mods


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"It's a shameful way to increase playtime/player count."

While everyone asks for balance and no more Powercreep, they added these mods just to make sorties become mandatory BiS seeking sessions.

More importantly, I haven't seen anyone opposed it. It's totally fine to have multiple random rolled stats equipments  for the first time in a game that hasn't had them since the beginning? 

WF is a game that you don't need to roll for random stats equipments...... Not anymore....

I want to play this game because it's fun, not because I haven't rolled BiS stats.

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For the random part, yes i think it's fine. you don't have many option in a PVE game to increase the time player can put in the game.

The fact that everything except kubrow was not random in a loot game was bad imo. Once you acquired something, well that was it, what else to do now. 

Bad part is that it's a new resource for reroll instead of creating a sink for our actual resources (they are still useless, it's nitain all over again) and the power creep went beyond the roof with those mods.

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