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[Spoilers] Whoever wrote the dialogue/script for TWW did a good job


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I have to say that TWW did a good job at adding character to some of the empty elements in the game. Ordis became much more funny and "human" thanks to his reply to the Lotus when she asked "Are you sure this is the best route?", his playing music after the somatic link pod blew up, and when he interrupted the argument between the Lotus and the Operator. More importantly though, the Operator actually became a character. Prior to TWW the Operator was just a secondary character whose only interactions were telling the Lotus their sob story and saying "that was close" after you just melted the face off of a Lancer. Everyone referred to them as children, but they never acted like them, so the bit where Teshin is schooling them in the beginning and when the elder Twin Queen was saying "It makes sense why they have no manners, mommy and daddy died before they could teach them... We gonna learn you today!" was very nice to see.

On that note, the first interaction between the Operator and the Twin Queens was also well done, and really showed the personalities of the characters.

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