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War Within endless black screen bug


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After defeating Greneer empress I return to Ordis and supposed to use transeference to leave my warframe.





After using transference screen turns black forever with only Lotos, Ordis and operator talking. I cant walk, shoot, use skills, use a menu.



After restarting the game I start from the same spot, asked to use my transeference. Not only I'm unable to finish War Within quest, I'm unable to play the game at all, because I'm stuck on that instanced Liset and can't leave. I tried switching video settings to low, switching 32x/64x client and nothing helped.

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I help my friend id clear the war within quest perfectly with my laptop 

Mine id at the last scene can't see after follow ordis order press 5 and can't even logout . Plz fix it , I like this game so much and don't disappoint me for the fix user bug

https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7GGhTD5scrJS0ZzeTFyRUtuSk0 , this inside have some screenshot that screen went black 


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Wow. I am amazed, how bad this update is in term of bugs. Still here unable to play because of black screen bug. Today I decided "I'm sick of it, I'll just install Warframe on other PC and skip it". And you know what? THIS BUG IS ACCOUNT WIDE. I cant get past it on another PC, my friend from my account cant get past it on his PC. This bug is unpassable. It's like a ban for your account.

Great job. Well done. Best update ever.

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I wanted to ask for help, I was doing the last adventure .... 
everything is fine until I kill one of the queens after removing
the rod we return to the ship, at that time Ordis gives you an order
 to activate the tenno inside the navel Screen is put in black by 
the change of the warframe to the tenno and Lotus begins to speak with
 the tenno and then ordis interumpe in that moment the image of the game
 does not return and the game is broken and closes

The problem is that when I start session I try to get into another mission
 but it does not give me time and I enter at one time to the adventure to 
resume it and it becomes a cycle, I do not know how to fix it .... HELP!
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