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Archwing mission problems


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With the new update, The War Within i have completed the new quest. but today i was doing to go help my friend get the second dream quest so he can complete it so he can also play the mission. but when we where doing the last part of the mission The Archwing it wouldn't let me go to extract. i have reason to think that this is because of the new update where you can (SPOILERS) be the operator. when i was in the mission i would die and when i revived my self i would be walking around on my feet in space. i think that the game has some miss understandings with the operator.

DE please fix this


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I'm seconding this, but on an Interception mission. Wrote a report also on a steam forum and I'll replicate here as follows:


(Caelus - Uranus)

" The moment my team (with randoms) entered this Archwing node it was all fine, but then, after one death, one of the team mates reported "walking in space". I laughed it out and said "hey, sounds like fun" (although he was not having none of it).

Turns out that in the middle of the response I died, too. And well...you know what they say about karma.

So I tried every attack, sliding, runing, shooting and dying again. Didn't fix. Now, not sure if it's all archwing missions, a bad day or a bad node that present this bug, since last update.

Prints follow


Image Bug 2

Image Bug 3

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