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Connection Issues (Yet another post)


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This is not the first time I've said this, and part of me believes it won't be the last time either. 

Any specific reason I CONSISTENTLY cannot connect as a client into missions? I am directly on an Ethernet connection, heaven forbid I try using WiFi. I can host a mission, zero problems there, but maybe 99/100 times I try to play a mission as a client, it pops up "Host Migration" and then says I've lost connection the very second I get out of the loading screen. If I try to reconnect, it will just repeat that over and over. 

The two questions I'm over here asking are:

1) Why is Warframe the ONLY thing I have connection issues with, despite using all default connection settings after ensuring it should work? (Since it lets me use chat, go to the dojo/relays, play solo, etc, and I highly doubt everyone I'm trying to connect to just has horrendous host connections themselves.)

 2) Why is there not a 'Prefer to Host' or 'Prefer to Client' choice when going into missions? This alone could solve every major problem I have with this game.


Sorry if this isn't the proper place for this post. This isn't a bug (Unless they would let such a major bug slip away for 5 [yes, 5] whole updates). This is rather feedback to the poor host/client system that I seem to be the only one having an issue with. 


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