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Feedback regarding Riven/Kuva


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While the update itself has been okayish for me, my biggest problem is how lucky the Riven and Kuva mod system is. While grinding hours for a resource can get tiring, this just feels like I'm being left in the dark. Here's what I mean by the amount of luck needed

  1. Obtaining a Riven mod which is RNG based (and through sorties that you can only do once per day). 
  2. Once you get through the RNG and get a Riven mod, you have to complete its challenge (While not as bad, I've heard some people getting absurd challenges such as multiple headshots in one air glide)
  3. Once you finish this, you get an RNG-based mod which may not even work for a weapon you want. If you finally get one you would use,
  4. You get hit by RNG-based stats without bounds (Heard one person getting a +50% damage to Grineer yet -77% with +112% critical strike chance which is just counterintuitive). If you don't like the stats you got on them, that's fine! You can re-roll the stats by:
  5. An RNG-based resource which relies on a mob that may spawn if you have enough luck. There's nothing you can do to just "make it appear".

I understand that Riven mods are supposed to be this very difficult mod to perfect for yourself, but I'd much rather be actually working towards something rather than just hoping I don't get screwed over by RNG. All I would like is some method of obtaining the Kuva (And even possibly the Riven cards themselves) even if it means I have to spend a lot of time to get them. Working towards RNG just feels like I'm left in the dark of if I'm even progressing.

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Yeah, I got mine for completing the story and kind of felt like someone gave me the middle finger with that was being asked. Sure there are people who can, but for those who can't it's like saying, "Here's your reward, enjoy not being able to use it".

Oh, and the requirement for me is to kill 18 mobs at once while clinging to the wall. Yup, I see 18 mobs all coming at me I feel boned, not excited... never mind needing to kill them all while standing still stuck to a wall. I might as well do Banshee's #4 against 40+ stuff and just pray one shot doesn't hit him as I argo the whole area.

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Riven I haven't got one yet because of the bug but Kuva, ooh boy how I HATE the process to get these. I understand DE want us to explore a bit like Ayatan Treasures but this is just a hard chore for a rare resource, and the absurd amount of it you need to build certain items puts it in a painful spot like the Nitain Extracts (which wasn't bad enough)

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2 hours ago, LycanPT said:

Yeah I got the 4 headshots while aim glide... it is already rng dependent if you land them while in the group... like you could unveil this mod lmao

It counts if it's 4 headshots on the same target. I just got a really weak weapon with a tanky frame and did a jump like a few feet away from an enemy and it counted. Something accurate like Dera or Soma helps too.

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