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TWW Clan Elevator Bug


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Since TWW update elevators in dojo's appear to only work sometimes.

For my example my small dojo has a main floor where the starting clan hall is located and i build all my reactors in Sub floor 1

The elevator going down to where my reactors are will take me down, then i do whatever i want to do, re-enter the elevator to go back up....

click the panel to activate the elevator, doors close, sound sequence starts but does not finish, elevator does not move, doors lock, and only way to get out is leave the dojo

then another problem arises.....re-entering the dojo immediately after, i spawn on the bottom floor and cannot get back to the main floor where labs and all are located

the only workaround ive found to get past this is for another member to join the dojo to "reset" spawn locations.....ofc the problem persists even after this

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