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[Spoiler] Click Only For Golden Maw Tips


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If you've clicked this post, here might be a few hints to help you past the golden maw:

1) First encounter: Can't make it to the next island?

    Tip: If you're unsure whether or not you're going to make it, watch the maw loop around the map for a bit. Once you think it's the farthest/or closest to farthest it can be in the loop, sprint to the next island without jumping. This is the only way you're going to make it. It may take some practice, but by waiting it out and observing the maw's pattern, it could help you save some time and frustration from having to keep restarting this portion. 
    Also worth noting is that you don't technically have to green-light/red-light your way through the whole of the first part. It is worth nothing the tip above for this. For example, for at least two islands that I know of (maybe the third and fourth), you don't need to stop when you get to the third island depending on where the maw is when you decide to run there. Since the fourth island should be pretty close, you can just keep going to that one. 

2) Transference with the maw: Not working?

    Tip: Make sure you're not using the mouse fire ability and are pressing E instead (this was my personal problem since the abilities were sort of gone through quickly). You will know whether or not you're doing it correctly depending on how the maw reacts. In both cases (even the wrong one), the maw will technically be stunned. However, if you're doing it wrong, the maw will spazz out and fly/ragdoll in the air above you. After using E to stun the maw, you should be prompted to press 5 to do transference. I don't think I had a problem with this when I used the E key correctly, but some players are saying that if this is not working for you, try to tap 5 two times.

3) Fighting other maws: Not necessary since you can just rush to the exit, but let's have some fun

    Secret: Having a hard time going toe-to-toe with the other maws?  You have a secret attack by either using the aim key and space or aim key and regular attack (can't remember). You'll know if you go into first person mode as the maw. It one-shots them XD


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