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Best weapons to grind/for low level players? (like me)


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Title says it all.


Also I'm on the hunt for 2 frames, Atlas and Banshee, and I believe these tips might help me defeat higher level enemies with ease. (I struggle against level 16-18 enemies, I suck, I know.)

Oh by the way, my current frame I use is Nova.

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Shoot for Rhino, Loki, Ember, and Valkyr, these are solid frames that can thrive in many mission types.

Boltor and burston are solid for ARs

Hek and Sobek are Great shotguns

latron (which can be made into the tiberon later) is a great semiauto

Bolto, Lex, hikou, vasto are good secondary investments

Kamas, orthos and ether reaper are great investments

Also Joining a Clan Has Benifits, frames and lots of weapons to build. these are just starter suggestions i think most new ppl should shoot for. 



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