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So why cant we replay the quest?


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DE knows we wanted to option to replay quests for a long time now.
I know what that was kinda never the plan with the older quests so they have to rework those to make it possible (Like they recently did with second dream).

but...why is this not a thing at least going forward and then later on make the older once replayable.
Like why is quest replayability not a standard feature now?

I want to compare it to Warframe passives.
Relatively recently it was thought up to be fun if warframes would have passives, so from that point forward that was kept in mind when designing a warframe and every new frame shipped with a passive and the older warframes got them later after reviewing what would work for this.
So why is that not the approach with quests as well?

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4 hours ago, hazerddex said:


Replaying this quest, maybe it is good the options do not appear again?

It is replaying, not rewriting. You choose the neutral response for all options? The replay has this response always.
No new choice, only repeating the old choice. Makes sense, yes?

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