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The war within


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Not sure if bug or not but sure seems like it....I can't seem to get past the queens room part of the quest but that is not the problem...that is the only part of warframe I can play now. I have tried shutting down; escaping; using unstuck; can't close game out either have to shut computer down. but everytime I sign back in my usual screen flashes for about 2 seconds and then auto loads into the queens den. I can't check my drilling drones, go to market change warframe weapons or anything just loads up the queens room part of the quest and starts playing... please advise thanks

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this isn't a glitch, its part of the quest. This annoyed me a bit as well as i wasn't able to go and do a chore that I had to get done... but this is one of the last parts of the quest so its not too bad.

To complete it, here's how you go about it


leave your warframe and void blast the guardian. Then, while he's stunned, void dash through him to disarm him. Then, when they start to use there pistols, they are completely vulnerable to void beam and warframe abilities.

just complete the quest and everything will go back to normal

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