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Syndicate Mission fix elimiates team play


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TWW fixed syndicate missions so that if you have done the mission already, you can't go with someone else and pick up another set of medallions.

This is the RIGHT fix in the WRONG way. Nobody should get two sets of medallions. However in fixing this they also fixed a bug that was actually good for players. The host could always see the medallions no matter what. even if they didn't have the syndicate missions. I play with my wife, and one of our joys of playing warframe is doing the syndicate missions and getting all 8 medallions. I have 3 syndicates she has the other 3. She'd host mine, I'd host hers and we could look together.

Not any more. I can't help her look, she can't help me look. So now if we want to do all 9 syndicate missions it's better to play separately than together. Sure the old way I got lots of medallions for syndicates that hate me but I really can't use them or sell them so they clutter my inventory.

The better solution would be that instead of making the syndicate medallions not exist, make them not gatherable, so I can SEE someone else's and help them with the mission, but I can't take them. Or hell do an end of mission check and delete all the medallions for any syndicate you don't have the proper standing with. Something, anything that allows people to play together.

this change just crushed half our warframe fun with a rather $&*&*#(%& mechanic (the medallions are sitting on the floor when one player looks at them and are miraculously invisible when another does). Please find a player-friendly way to put this back so we can play together.

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