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Road to Weapon Diversity: Crits


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The Problem

The last time someone spoke to me about balance in Warframe, I laughed. 

After all, for primary weapons, its power about two things: DPS or AoE. And in the realm of DPS, there is nothing more frightening than a crit headshot (or a redhead). 

I believe that is stupid, seeing that some weapons have horrid crit potential while others have a potential that's OVER NINE-THOUSANDS!!!!

Crits, in my opinion, are supposed to be an RNG thing. You get it, you are rewarded. You don't get it, you have failed RNGesus and is a heathen. However, when you can get crit chances like 125%, there is no much risk in crit building. 

My Suggestion

What I suggest, is to add "outer plating" (to differentiate from armor) to certain new enemies. These appear on them as certain parts of their hitbox and also as part of their healthbar. When the plates are hit. the damage taken acts as if hitting an object instead. For people who don't know about object health, enemies with the object trait can not e crit-ed. 


A 1000 hp grineer walks over with 300 armor and an outer plate with 200 health.

You hit his outer plate with 1000 damage. Armor DOES NOT affect outer plates, while its object trait removes any crit. 1000 > 200 and destroys the outer plate and it falls off. He is left with 1000 health and 300 armor, and extra damage from hitting the outer plates does not carry over. 

You hit him in his vulnerable areas instead of the outer plates. 1000 damage is reduced to 500, but crit applies. Most likely something like with a 60x damage multiplier so Grineer is killed ded.

Plus, Imagine the Enemy Variations!

Some can have plates on their face, plates on their sides, a giant sheet of outer plates in front, some floating around him blocking shots meant for teammates...

There could be different kinds of outer plates, ones with shields, ones with armor, ones with one-time-use bullet reflect abilities...

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Ugh... the reason Crit is dominant is double dipping in the multiplier. I believe this was originally unintended though it's too far back to recall clearly.

Besides, although Crit reins for Front-end damage. non-crit status is still quite useful. There's a reason majority of crit weapons don't have very good status.

Now that AoE doesn't head-crit, single target needs all it can get. Even if it's a crit meta.

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