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Kuva Siphon Farming


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Dear DE

@[DE]Rebecca @[DE]Steve @[DE]Megan

UPDATE: So it turns out that @ArvronChronozon was correct and they were using a resource booster. Forum Moderator can now close this topic.


Please fix the Kuva Farming System. Players stealing from players is just like Conclave PVP. And there is a reason its not so popular. Just like with the 1st iteration of the VOID relic system that was repetitive and boring...so is this. Not only does the RNG sucks but since it is not shared unlike traces (hint hint) slower players miss out.

Good job on war within. Please 2.0 this system as well.


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Problem Resolved
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What are you talking abou?, I have done the farming alone and in group and the ammount ok kuva you get is the same, hell, Also in some of those runs i didnt do anything for the farming cuz was looking for stars and i also got the kuva

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