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Bug host migration while fighting Kuva Siphon


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had a host migration right at the end of the kuva siphon fight and when the squad reloaded none of us had any kuva (resource) anymore but we still had the mod drops from the jesters and all of the other mission rewards and pickups but the kuva had disappeared

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Similar issue to this condition,

I completed TWW mission, but teamed with my friend who haven't even play TWW yet,

then the Siphon spawned in Rosalind, Uranus but not stretch out its vacuum tube,

just floating there doing nothing with HUD: [KUVA 0/8],

soon after host migration that I became host,

I got 5 Kuva cloud already but still could not destroy the Siphon (kinda endless),

all I could do was Let it go bring all Kuva and leave...

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