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Kshatriya Drone Frame and Murakumo Remote Melee Combo Concept


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Hello, got another combo concept for evaluation: a drone based frame and a remote melee weapon to go along with it

First the Drone Frame concept. This frame is a dedicated damage frame designed to spawn drones to help the frame fight off multiple combatants.


  • Health: 75 (225 at lv 30) 
  • Shield: 100 (300 at lv 30) 
  • Armor: 150
  • Power: 150 (225 at lv 30)

Special Ability: Target finder- enemies within visible range get armor reduced by 10%


  1. Drone form switch and summon: if the drones are not out, 4 drones are summoned. Once the drones are out, clicking switches fire mode of the drones between four modes. Holding the button when the drones are out retracts them. Drones strength increases with power strength:
    1. Burst Fire: Drones shift to mode that fires a burst of 5 shots at the enemies. Damage and Range are same as drone base damage and range 
    2. Beam Fire: Drones each fire a high power beam that has punch-through and impact based explosion similar to the opticor. Damage and range is increased from base 
    3. Homing shot: Drones shift to mode that fires 6 homing shots that target random enemies. Damage is decreased from base but range has slight increase
    4. Scattershot: Drones shift to mode that fires shotgun like blast. Damage is strongly increased from base but range is severely deceased 
  2. Target marker: Fires a marker towards the enemy that increases damage done by all sources and focuses drone fire on the target. Damage increase dependent on power strength, duration of marker dependent on power duration
    1. Thermite marker: The marker, if on a killed enemy, explodes and spreads thermite on enemies around the marked enemies. Thermite increases damage by all sources by a smaller amount than the main marker and doesn't spread thermite further enemy is killed. 
  3. Hyper burst: Drones deploy near frame and focus energy to fire a large ball of energy that pass through enemies and explodes at either impact with a wall/barrier or after a certain distance. Explosion range depends on power range and the strength of the explosion is dependent on power strength
    1. Augment: Cluster burst- initial burst is weaker but generates 6 additional smaller bursts that do damage
  4. Trans-Am Laser: the four drones take a configuration that prepares to fire a large laser as a sweep that goes through enemies. Strength of laser depends on power strength and laser length depends on power range. Duration affects the length of time the energy field remains on the field 
    1. Augment: Quantized laser- Laser leaves an energy field on the ground that slows and damages enemies. length of time on the ground is affected by duration. 

Drone design will be similar to the following reference material:







As for the remote weapon, I have some basic stats, a basic blade drawing and a video of possible combos that can be done. 


  • 105 damage
    • 95 Slash
    • 5 impact
    • 5 puncture
  • 1.05 attack speed
  • 15% crit chance
  • 2x crit multiplier
  • 15% status chance
  • 3 energy channeling cost
  • 2x damage multiplier from energy 

Special ability: Argon projection- Channeling increases crit and status chance by 7.5%, increases range and add special attack patterns to the combos

Reference material: 




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Feels like Itzal's Fighter Escort but not archwing. I feel like it might clutter the screen a little, it works ok in archwing but it might be hard to impliment in normal missions.

The idea feels a little generic but not bad (feels like a power set you would see in a lot of MOBAS), i do like having assisting bots/drones, i love my sentinel so i think this idea could work.

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