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How do people feel about the Tenno


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It was quite a twist to me, all this time it seemed like you were some kind of metal super being with the agility of a ninja and powers beyond comprehension, complete with an large armory of weaponry and multiple forms to change into.

Almost like some kind of bounty hunter in space, doing what you can, whenever you feel like.

And then the Second Dream told us we were teenagers incubated in the moon. Which is a pretty intriguing twist.

But then we get to know how the personality of the Tenno is quite... set in stone.

We don't really have a choice in how the Tenno speaks, what kind of personality it has, mainly because of the cinematic direction Warframe has gone into...

And then the Tenno says things like 

  • My Warframe is the hand, and I am the will.
  • Back on your feet, warframe!
  • My warframe is strong.

That kind of dialogue kind of causes a divide between the Tenno (What you supposedly truly are) and the Warframe (Which you always thought you were)

It's logical in a way ofcourse because of the story... but then there's other pieces of dialogue like

  • The Grineer have no honor. 
  • The Grineer deteriorate over time... is that what makes them violent?

As we slaugther tens of thousands of them for loot, practising our weapons and other benefits.

  • These Corpus remind me of the Orokin, selfish, greedy.
  • We'll put an end to this Corpus greed.
  • They'll have plenty of Robotics. Corpus never fight for themselves.

A self-rightous holier-than-thou attitude... about traits which we kind of have ourselves lol.

That sort of dialogue can very easily break the idea that we are the Tenno, as there is no way that i would pretend to be better than that considering everything we.. have done for the Lotus.

We don't know for what purpose we do the things we do for her, everything is left quite vague in that regards and so we just end up doing whatever we want to do, but that's besides the point right now.

Am i missing something for it all to make sense, are there different ways to look at the Tenno? So far i can't really enjoy the story parts where the Tenno's attitude shows itself, the story from The War Within was interesting, the strangeness of the void, teshin, the queens, the way how the orokin can be immortal... it was pretty cool, except the parts when that thing talks again.

So what does everyone think about what the Tenno is, what we supposedly are in that world.



tl;dr: I don't like Tenno, what do you think about Tenno, do you like Tenno? 

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This is why I've taken to think that we as players exist somewhere between the Frame and the Tenno, who YOU think the Tenno/Frame is, is the blend of personality of the two. If you just had the frame, you could have a mindless beast that hungers to destroy everything around it, or something more noble.  With the Tenno, well, you get what you see, no changing that. However, where the two blend makes more sense for who you are, not a child you may not like, not a mindless beast, something different, something better.

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