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Nephila -- The Arachnid Geisha

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Nephila is a vindictive manipulator whose true form is only revealed when she is ready to consume her prey. She is a master weaver, spinning silk stronger than steel, capable of ensnaring even the hardiest of enemies in her web, storing them for later consumption. Like the Jorogumo of ancient Japan's folklore, she appears as a woman, but her true nature is hidden.

Nephila takes on the appearance of a Geisha while in her normal form.



Ensnare brings to surface a terrifying swarm of artificial arachnids that leap from floor to ceiling or to any nearby surface, each only to disappear after leaving a strand of webbing. This webbing slows enemies down, with each strand bringing them closer to a standstill until they can no longer break free. They will struggle but will not be able to fire once fully ensnared. Allies may pass freely through the webbing.

If killed while ensnared, enemies have a chance to drop health orbs.

Ensnare Augment: Recurring Entrapment

-Enemies killed while ensnared will spawn additional Arachnids that generate more strands at 200% of the remaining time on Ensnare.


Encase cocoons an enemy (Nephila will pull them towards her much like Inaros), and nearby allies of that target will attempt to break him free, but will be caught in the webbing and stuck to the cocoon. Activating the ability again unleashes a tiny swarm of arachnids that consume the trapped foes and return health back to Nephila. Foes that survive are severely weakened, in armor, movement speed, and attack capabilities.

If Swarm is active while Encase is active, the swarm will receive a buff after consuming the cocooned target. Robotic enemies will lengthen the duration of the swarm and biological enemies will increase the veracity. Both enemy types will also confer a movement speed buff to the swarm and Nephila while shapeshift is active.

Encase Augment: Destructive Entombment

Encase will erupt with a swarm that lasts 9/12/15/18s


Swarm unleashes a horde of arachnids that feed on both the fallen and the living, dealing corrosive and cold damage thanks to the venom that the swarm has. The swarm returns health to Nephila and allies. Affected enemies are slowed while being attacked by the arachnids and some are cocooned if Voracious Shapeshifter is active. Swarm will consume energy while active.

Swarm Augment: Horrifying Swarm

Enemies caught by the swarm now have reduced armor and panic while being attacked.


Nephila takes on the visage of an arachnid, her kimono hardening into a protective shell and the legs that were folded up spring from her back. In this form, she is capable of jumping much further, walking on walls, and the fierceness of her swarm is intensified. While Shapeshift is active, she weaves a protective web around herself and nearby teammates. Enemies that enter the web are ensnared and are guaranteed to return life-force upon being killed. Her melee attacks are far stronger and now inflict additional toxic damage while in this form. She cannot shoot, but can direct her personal swarm with intense ferocity. She leaves a trail of her silk that slows enemies down that walk upon it.

In this form, she consumes energy to maintain it.

Shapeshift Augment: Voracious Shapeshifter

Enemies that Nephila attacks have a chance to become encased and after encasement, restore health when attacked by Nephila's allies, Nephila herself, or the swarm.


Aura Polarity: Vazarin

Additional Polarities: Naramon, Vazarin

Armor -- 200 (600 while Shapeshift is active)

Health -- 150

Shields -- 75

Power -- 125

Movement Speed -- 1.0

Thoughts behind the design

I wanted to do my own personal take on the arachnid queen while infusing folklore that wasn't present in concepts I'd seen before. I figured she'd have to be a very health-oriented controller-type Warframe. If there's too much overlap with other power types, let me know. I'm trying to keep it interesting and trying my best to avoid sameness.

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