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Transference Still not working in TWW


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This is the second day of TWW for me. Ever since yesterday 5:30 a.m. UK time. Can't

progress past Golden Maw because Tranference is simply not working. Also cannot play

any other part of game because after login game goes straight to TWW. This is more than fustrating

as game for me is unplayable. I'm sure others must be having the same problem(s) but no mention

in hotfix notes. Hope this if fixed soon, thank  you.

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yup, the controls of the operator are horrible sloppy, i dont accept that

im not shure what DE wanna find out with

and im not shure what DE wanna find out with the questions to the operator in the quest to approve

doesnt seem they are lorebased, some things appear confusing, so i simply reject them as well as i start wondering about the "creative minds" behind tww and the further development of warframe in general ...

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