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Got a problem with trading in game..


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It started yesterday, every time I try to trade a Syndicates weapon like, Telos Boltace, it shows me

one or more items in your pending trade no longer matches said item in your account

I tried to trade with several people in different locations, different dojos and on earth market。 all show me the same message.. and YES I tried restart my PC I even wait for a day... doesn't work..

I don't know why.. I tried trade with something else like a mod and it worked. so i think it might be a bug or something PLEASE HELP T0T.. 

I traded again, sold some prime blueprints and it worked.. so I guess it only got problem with Syndicates weapons..

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I got same problem

I have uninstall and reinstall the game, and now it works :D

But I don't know if it's the uninstall/reinstall or the hotfix that fix problem, cause I made this before playing and knowing that there was a hotfix 

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