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Kuva Siphon Bug


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Hello Tenno.


So, Me and my friend are trying to farm Kuva. we are going to the Rusalka Node - Sedna. and when the Kuva Siphon appear, there are no guard.just the siphon. we have encountered this 3 times today. and maybe still going. erm, proof ? i punched the shipon for 2000 times and get bored. 



please fix this bug DE. 


Thank You.

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  1. Find the machine (it will be marked with a red assassination marker). Approaching it will trigger the siphoning process, indicated by either the Lotus or the Worm making transmissions about it.
  2. Wait for machine to start making its distinctive noise. One of its four Braids will be raised at this time. The Siphon's raised Braid will point towards the incoming cloud, making it easier to locate.
  3. Locate the red-black cloud of Kuva approaching the machine from somewhere in the room. Around this time, Kuva Guardians and Jesters, as well as regular Grineer enemies will move in to secure the machine.
  4. Switch to operator and Void Dash through the cloud, intercepting it. This will destroy the active Braid and award every member of the Cell around 100 Kuva.
  5. Repeat this four times, once for each of the Siphon's Braids. Once all the Braids are destroyed, the Kuva Siphon will explode.
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Just happened 3 times in a row  in Rusalka - Sedna, kuva shipons without  the shipons and not starting.. really frustrating ..


Also other problem happening alot its Operator not spawning next to to warframe location but spawning some meters apart. It even happened to spawn under map, free falling.

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Yeah what happened to me just now is the Luba siphon's vacuum is trying to suck up kava, but the kuva stopped spawning for some reason. Doing an exterminate on earth and I finally got lightning dash, but because the siphon is still going, kuva enemies are continuing to spawn including guards and I'm getting killed, anybody had this issue? If I die I'll lose that precious lightning dash :(

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The stuff spawns fine for me, but dashing through the cloud doesn't do jack. The guards spawn, i kill the jesters, then i kill them, and then it makes the cloud. I tried blasting it, dashing through it (at least 15 times) but nothing happened.

They keep ignoring what we actually need, rather than fixing stuff and making the game work, they just add new content that eventually goes wrong, and as you can see, some stuff goes south more quickly than others. 

Fix the actual game, DE. Then maybe more people would want to play the game, instead of being irritated and screwed over

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