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Archwing Submersible Bug


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When i have been running Sycorax on Uranus with melee only, in the starting water area i spawn with my archwing (as normal) but the only weapon i have is my normal melee. During this time you cannot jump out of the water meaning that your stuck there until you can pull off some sort of melee combo that bumps you out of the water, once you leave the water even if its only brief, you go back to regular archwing and you can successfully leave the water.

I have tested it with a variety of different melee that doesn't seem to be a factor. 
I will be running several other submersible missions to see if this is a issue which they all face.

To re-cap, It only affects you while in the starting water area, after that its fine.
Also, i can post screenshots if needed i am just unsure of how to do so :p

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