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EU Server is dead


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So I've been trying to get some life back into the EU Server and came up with an idea. Since recruiting chat is dead and I'm being told by a guide we can only recruit in recruiting (I'm aware of the expectations of each chat it just doesn't help regions like EU). Which is so counter productive especially in a dying region. Would it not be a better idea to scrap the whole region selection and just Base matchmaking on ping limits? Or at the very lest merge a few of the less populated ones. Your leaving EU players with no option but to jump regions

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I agree that the "Europe" region is dead. If not dead, then dying, at least - like you mentioned - in the recruitment section. Many of the players probably flock to US servers like I usually do. Sometimes I switch back if I can't get into an alert mission, those work better in the Europe region for me in terms of matchmaking, and I usually find open squads for those.

BUT, one thing this game has going for it is the amount of options for the player. Forcing a ping-based matchmaking and throwing regions away would take some of those options out. So i disagree with your proposed solution, but let's think about a way where we could get something better without taking anything out. I'm hoping for some kind of in-game system. This might be far-fetched, but what if the game had a section where people could see IN DETAIL available squads looking for players? For instance, I would go in said section and set up my game. I would check boxes or something - what characters I need for the mission to play with me, how long the mission would be (if endless), what equipment I'd prefer people to have, what mastery rank (although I don't care about those), do I want a party with mics on etc. Then other players could search those sessions and filter them by ping, region, mission and so forth. This could take care of the empty recruitment tabs in Europe and other quiet regions. I know this will probably never happen, but one can dream.

I do agree with possibly merging sparsely populated servers though, if the regions are close enough.


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