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Limbo Quest Bug


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On 11/14/2016 at 3:34 AM, Runare_Neko said:

Hi, I have the completed Limbo Warframe, but my quest still shows active at the "Find and craft Limbo Chassis" part.

Same problem here. My Foundry is making the Limbo Warframe but the Limbo Theorem Mission still says I have to ''Find and craft Limbo Chassis'' making me unable to complete the mission (file:///C:/Users/shazwana/Downloads/userdata/160367817/760/remote/230410/screenshots/20161125012139_1.jpg) (file:///C:/Users/shazwana/Downloads/userdata/160367817/760/remote/230410/screenshots/20161125012156_1.jpg)

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