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Replaying TWW


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I really loved playing TWW especially the way you find out about your past as a tenno, whilst other players may feel let down by TWW i ABSOLUTELY enjoyed every detail of it, if there comes the capability of replaying TWW i would happily take the opportunity to say the Devs of DE thanks for making this EPIC game :laugh: and would it be possible to replay it? (if you can't already tell i really loved TWW :inlove:) Also some notes about replaying Second dream: some of the parts of the spy mission on Uranus when you're using your amphibious archwing are glitched, they don't let you up onto most of the platforms on the vault that makes you raise the water level. also some part of the spy maps make you fall through the floor. Just wanted to point this out before any of the newer players get to second dream and find themselves in a pickle.


p.s. for those who didn't enjoy TWW can you please not post any hate speech in this forum? i don't want this chat turning into a warzone :) 

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