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Operator Animation Sets


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I know this one is a little simple for me usual topics, but it'd be great if we could get some animation sets for our operators. Something to enhance their personality.


Madurai Yang - Back Straight, chest out, hands clenched. A figure of noble and indomitable power.

Madurai Balanced - Hands clenched, occasionally cracks knuckles. An aggressor, one both reserved and forthright.

Madurai Yin - Slightly hunched, hands clench tightly, and open slowly. Sinister and sadistic.


Naramon Yang - Feet together, hands folded in front, back straight. Wise, intelligent and righteous.

Naramon Balanced - Hand on hip, observant. A knowledgeable and keen figure.

Naramon Yin - Weight shifted over one leg, hand on hip, casual. A sly and cunning posture.


Vazarin Yang - Weight shifted over front leg, one hand in front, the other in back. Upright posture. A figure with a sense of flow.

Vazarin Balanced - One leg in front of the other, hands at sides with fingers rolling softly. Soft and calm like a still pond.

Vazarin Yin - Weight over back leg, back hunched and arms hanging off sides. Fluid and treacherous


Unairu Yang - Feet apart, hands on hips, back straight. A proud and strong figure.

Unairu Balanced - Feet apart, arms crossed. A confident and sturdy pose.

Unairu Yin - Feet apart, hands folded behind head, slouching. Arrogant and brutish.


Zenurik Yang - Fighting front stance, arms bent and poised to lunge. A sharp, assertive force.

Zenurik Balanced - Fighting walking stance, arms tucked back. A neutral combat posture.

Zenurik Yin - Fighting back stance, one arm chambered back, the other loose. Waiting, ready to strike back.

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3 hours ago, MarrikBroom said:

Totally would drop plat on this. Also as a minor technicality they seem to use sun/moon instead of yin/yang. Other than that nitpicking. Please DE can we have this? I want to give you money.

Sun and moon are both aspects of Yin and Yang, likewise the good/ evil dial in TWW used Yin and Yang iconography.

And Sun and Moon are more of a conclave theme.

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