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Riven mod stats affected by difficulty of requirements?


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1 minute ago, Ksaero said:

It doesn't even make you go solo. Take Frost and a team that can shut down the entire map. Complete 5 waves. Easy.

Frost to bubble the objective, Trinty to vamp a few victims... Ember/Prime with Firequake and a range/strength set up to keep them down and fried, and plenty of Xiphos airdrops for the extra firepower those sentries can commit to.

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This sure is crazy, but you won't know your limits until you push them. It's amazing what you can do with a bit of brainwork.
Now, I wish these were the actual challenges with actual rewards, not just to identify some mods with potentially derpy stats.

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or limbo - cataclysm, if you want to be sure - 2... with overlapping cataclysm

Banshee for pushing enemies away

and someone to kill :P



btw - had to kill 5(!) Sentients without a failing mission :p

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