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The War Within


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So my gaming PC broke and I won't get it back for a couple of days, and unfortunately for me DE decides to release TWW right then. So now i'm pretty much the only one in my whole clan who hasn't played it yet. I literally can't concentrate on anything, TWW is all that's on my mind. I want to play it so freaking bad. So in the meantime, can someone give me their preference of it? Is it good? Is it "better" than The Second Dream? How long does it take to complete? Just give me basic info like that. AND PLEASE NO SPOILERS!

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I think it was bad overall.
You spent too much doing dilly dallying around, and not enough time doing story stuff.
Also the story feels rushed and could have been fleshed out way (I'm talking waaaaayyyyy) better.

It feels incomplete and all in all turned out as a resounding meh.

Having played the quest I wish I could have not had my hopes up beforehand.

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