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WTB Cernos, Dread, Multishot+Damage+Crit Chance Riven mod (other bow & Opticor will be considered)

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Looking to buy Riven Mod for

Dread, Cernos

that includes

+ Multi hit (must have)

Then any of the two combos of

+Damage (pure damage, Electrical, toxic, physical matching the bow, crit damage, etc)

+Crit chance.


Multi + another stat listed above will be ~500 plat

Three can go up to 1250 plat


Any other relevant + state will get a price increase, while - state decreases value

Willing to pay starting 400 Plat, up to 1250P depending on the final % roll.

Paris Prime,  Daikyu, Opticor is OK as well, but expect lower price offers.


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