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Teshin bug and skipping ahead in the quest


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Hi All,

I've checked the threads and there are some similar problems, But I dont know if anyone has the same preblem on the last part of this report

See below for hopefully all the details....


(Potential Spoilers coming)....


In the first mission Teshin appears at the mid way point on Lua but he doesn't do anything, i'm told by some of my clan members that hes supposed to start attacking you. And your meant to kill him (kill the specter of him i guess), and then continue to the waymarker by the reservoir.  


Teshin didn't move, he froze in the same spot. so me and another player, carried on to the way point (the tenno reservoir) , and nothing happened there either, even when standing right on the way marker. 

So me and the other player went back to Teshin to see if we needed to do anything there.I scanned him just in case that's what i was supposed to do. He still didn't move. We figured it was a bug and aborted the mission. 

Next bit i haven't seen reported too much....

Then Warframe completely crashed and upon closing down it asked me to file a report on what had happened. After completing the report, I then decided to re-log back in. The voice of lotus appeared saying i needed to track Teshin on Jupiter (something along those lines). Confused... I checked the quest status and it said i had completed Lua (it had the tick next to it). 

I can't say how frustrating that was, but i only hope it gets fixed. I'm not going to carry on with the quest as i don't know what I've missed in the first mission and how much lore i've missed either.

Please help DE, I really want to play this quest :)


Yours truly 


Tenno, Warframe and slightly upset human being :( but always faithful to the cause!


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