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Warframe Challenge Mode for high level players


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Hey all!  Are there times when you're playing warframe and just bored and looking for fun? Or maybe for a challenge? I'm looking for high level players, preferably master rank 15 minimum, to start a group/community of sorts. This group will be centered around doing at least 1 endless type mission, survival defense excavation or interception, a day. Each day I will send a message out that will set the restrictions for the mission.  These restrictions will include the mission type, weapons, and maybe even a 'special event" restriction.  for example the special restriction could be heavy melee only (heavy blade/hammers) for the first X amount of time/waves.  there would be other rules i would like to put in place as well but first I want to see how many people like this idea as well as how well it is received.  If anyone likes this idea then feel free to reply or even message me on psn:blade_runner4379.  Hope to here some good replies and feedback!!!

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