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[TWW Spoilers] We should get a Warframe with the ability to burrow underground


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23 minutes ago, kswong98 said:

All Warframe can do that, remember the time when you never stop falling off the map? That's the time you burrow

All we need is a jump-scare where we pop up and make the victim freak out as we rip them apart! totally not our stealth kill animations

I do think a unique stealth-kill while burrowed could be really sick too, though.

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Personally what I was thinking is that we could potentially get a completely artificial "Ayatan" Warframe that is sort of like the Golden Maw and such.


Like the frame itself is completely and utterly made out of whatever material is used in the Ayatan / Orokin tech (No Infestation), and the lack of flesh and such would allow for more "radical" abilities such as shape-shifting (like the ultimate could turn you into a Golden Maw),

And Lore-Wise I think it'd still work without having it turn "Ravenous" by going under the assumption that it only works because of the Operator's void energy and once the Operator jumps out they take all the energy with them, leaving behind a bunch of non-powered tech.

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