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[TWW] Main quest feedback


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So I see there's feedback threads on the various changes to sorties, endless void missions, and a bug report megathread etc, but I don't see a feedback thread on the main The War Within mission(s). Am I looking right over it?

If not, here's my general thoughts on it. Now obviously, SPOILERS AHEAD.

1) The archwing hiding stage. Tedious. Insta-fail essentially quicktime segment. At least it only takes a couple of minutes.
2) Getting off the ship with your own sentinel shooting at you is also aggravating. The amount of time spent waiting for the door to open while hopping around like a flea on meth to try and keep some health... And then hitting the stupid gas walls or whatever they are. Oh and fail here and you have to SIT THROUGH THE WHOLE CUTSCENE AGAIN! Who decided that? That's a gameplay 101 fail right there. I thought you guys were pros by now.
3) The ice planet stages are a pretty bad. I don't mind some virtual slogging through the snow for atmosphere and such but the instagib sandworms are absolutely infuriating and totally unnecessary. Note, not everyone has keybinds for what you needed us to do here (like crouch, I use toggle crouch) so this required a lot of farting around for me.
4) The final fight. More irritating stuff. Oh don't bother mentioning that you need to stun then void dash the enemies, then re-inhabit your body to damage them, I'm sure we'll figure that out eventually. And then when you have figured it out, repeat it over and over again. Total PITA.
5) Oh, the light/dark choices to make. What do they mean? I don't like going in blind, and after TSD where those choices MATTERED, I didn't want to just "go with it" and pick something and end up with the worst school, again.

On another note, I saw that The Second Dream is now replayable. That's cool. People have been asking for that. Thumbs up.

But don't be surprised if nobody asks for it for this quest. This was the single least-fun quest I've ever played in Warframe. And I've played every single one.

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21 minutes ago, ACorpse said:


1) it's only a fail if you hit the death lasers or death, hitting the rest of the sensor wave (whatever) only triggers an alarm (which did nothing in my game)
so I just rushed through it leaving behind the transport.

2) the only thing that bothered me that time was the fact that I didn't have a weapon equiped on my sentinel and it still shot me.

3) is it so hard to turn off toggle-crouch for 1 mission?

4) you don't have to go back into your body to damage them, you can just laser them to death.

5) while it does bother me that our choices in this quest did not have a direct effect.
the school you chose in TSD does not have to be tied to the choices you made.. the school you were offered was just a suggestion based on your choices.. after that you were free to pick whichever school you felt like.. so not liking the school you picked is entirely your own fault.

I liked this quest, and I'd like for it to be replayable

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32 minutes ago, ACorpse said:

4) The final fight. More irritating stuff. Oh don't bother mentioning that you need to stun then void dash the enemies, then re-inhabit your body to damage them, I'm sure we'll figure that out eventually. And then when you have figured it out, repeat it over and over again. Total PITA.

Or you could actually listen when Teshin tells you what to do.

Just saying.

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I did it yesterday and it was really akward when i had to do the tranference during the fight at the queens room.

i had to use it 10 times to make it work once! till i got out the mob was with me and i got back into my warframe, 5 to 10 trys later i got out agian died 2 times while i tryed to kill the first mob and then suddenly a Failure timer triggered.
1minute later the mission failed and restarted in the queens room with the conversaion
The Conversation wasn't skipable when you see it the second time and then it started at the queens fight again and suddenly the transference worked as it should i guess. pressed 5 once and i got out.

Tbh the fight in the Queens room was really annoying due that bug, once i figured i need only 1 melee attack to get the guys down it wasn't hard.

I had a few trouble before as well, coz the void walk thing invis broke sometimes every second. To clarify i failed it walked of the same route like the 4 times before and suddenly i got out of the sneak every second :(

I really wish there would be a void power bar or something like that, but i guess that would make it to easy :(
It was fun trying the parts 3 - 4 times then it got boring :(
I do wonder if power duration effects it, even i think it doesn't.
The lore pieces that are in it are quite good, but i couldn't keep track on the story with the memories parts tbh. Shame you can't read up it later again.
Sadly to the small bugs here and there and with the bug i had at the queens fight it was a disapointing quest for me.

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I loved the quest, thumbs up and it's stuff like this that makes me keep coming back to Warframe.

Now for a little feedback from someone who has sensitive eyes: PLEASE make the Kuva tileset brighter, or add more light points. I play with my brightness down so it doesn't hurt my eyes with all the glowy stuff, but I had to put it way up there to play this quest else I'd be falling all over the place because I couldn't see where I was walking or where I had to go.

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Don't presume to speak for everyone just because you didn't like this quest. I personally loved the hell out of it and would replay it a dozen times over. What about the people who wanted a personal uninterrupted experience with first playthrough but now want to record it for uploading or streaming? Replayability needs to happen. If you don't like it, that's fine. It will not affect you in the slightest to not replay it. 

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