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New Keys for Operator are gamebreaking


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Please take a look at the keys for the new operator. DE has opted to put operator mode on the same key as focus. Probably for controller limitations but for PC it's a nightmare.

It can not be switched with the switch toggle in the menu like the warframe powers. I'd actually suffer Ivara and Vauban the bad way if I could swap the operator.

Nobody cares about accidentally clicking "use focus" for most of most missions it's not even charged and if you did mis click it it's not the end of the world.

However fat fingering nor not holding down the operator button (especially after a year of just clicking that same button for focus) is game breaking. jumping out of your suit turns off all toggles, and leaves you vulnerable, and when that happens when you are trying to become invulnerable (using focus) that''s a real problem.

It should be click to focus and hold to exit.

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or we should know which key is for what ^^)

or we get a clear layout in options/keybordsettings, there is nothing descripted about focus or the operator-keys

1-5 is named as energy 1-5 ? which energy ?

dashing ends up also too often in uncontrollable jumps instead of moving clear into the enemy ^^)

and it would be great to get this asap please, because i avoid using both or using the operator and i avoid using focus, thats not really useful ... thx, DE

it functions well when there is nothing to do, as for example in the last quest-showdown to meet teshin out there at the rock, no disturbance in moves, i checked it ... as well as when it comes to using them clear for a mission etc. controlchaos breaks out (^^


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Having to hold kills any flow that switching between the two has.

19 minutes ago, Shockwave- said:

game breaking. jumping out of your suit turns off all toggles, and leaves you vulnerable,

^ That's what should be addressed, imo.

ofc, I might be biased in that it's not been a particular issue for me past the first couple of times.

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