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So I just started the War Within quest. I load into the "Investigate the Reservoir" mission, and I'm immediately greeted by Simaris telling me I have a target. I don't get any dialogue from the Lotus or Operator. I then get the target, head to the mission waypoint and there's nothing. Nothing happens, and the only door out of the room is locked. I abandon the mission and immediately crash. Upon loading the game back up my mission has changed to "Track Teshin." I was confused so I looked it up and I never even completed the first mission, but the game seems to think I did. I try loading the "Track Teshin" mission, but once I load in, I get no dialogue from the Lotus, Teshin or Operator, nor do I get a mission objective waypoint. I walked around the mission a bit, but everywhere seems to just be a dead end. I've tried reloading the game and the mission multiple times but, still, no progress.

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