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[SPOILERS] Option to disable chat completely during solo play


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Finished my play through of TWW yesterday, had a blast and I'm very thankful for all the work that's been put into it.  Big thanks to DE for giving us another chapter of development :)

I enjoyed the new quest line but the experience was slightly marred by the constant presence of a spoiler filled chat bar.  The issue is that despite being able to turn off the Trade tab, Region tab and Recruiting tab, if you're in a clan then the Clan and Alliance tabs stay open with no way of turning them off aside from leaving your clan.  I made the mistake of entering the quest in solo mode, so there was no squad chat to escape into and the chat defaulted back to clan tab with every transition, displaying all its spoilery glory.  I didn't have to worry about this problem so much with Second Dream as I joined the game a little while after it came out, the initial spoiler rush had already been through and I had no idea what people were talking about when they mentioned War or Stalker anyway.

I will say that clan management made several efforts to discourage people openly discussing things they shouldn't be with the new expansion, but there's not a lot you can do to avoid it happening.  As a result I spent most of the quest trying to pretend the bottom left corner of my screen didn't exist, which isn't the easiest thing to do.  Having your chat bar fill with clan members talking about/trading 'riven mods' in the middle of key cinematic moments is understandably immersion breaking.  I ended up stopping half way through the middle of the first mission and spending a while searching through the settings for a way to turn it off with no avail.

It's a pretty minor gripe, but having the option to disable clan/alliance chat or chat in general during solo play would be greatly appreciated :)

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