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Riven Mod: What now?



So I recently completed TWW a few days ago and received a riven mod. You know those new RNG mods that require feats of skill to unlock? Yeah, that. Well, the mod I received required me to perform 36 finishers without being downed or dying (admittedly pretty easy with Ivara). So, equipped this mod to my Buzlock and went about a'murderin until I completed the objective and returned to my ship. The mod increased status chance and does some cold damage which isn't too bad but, for some reason, I can't equip it. Now, it does show up in my Mod inventory but it does not show up when I'm customizing my weapons. I understand that Riven mods are MR locked. My mod is locked at MR8 while I am MR12.

So my question is where do I equip my Riven mod after it's been unlocked? 

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