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Temporal AA causing slowdowns, "stacks"


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Love the new volumetric lighting and all, but there's one thing that absolutely kills my performance since TWW has gone live: Temporal Anti-Aliasing. The effect seems to reapply again and again whenever I enter a new mission, load a new map, it just seems to stack over and over until rotating the camera results in massive blurring and ghosting. Or maybe I'm just dumb and TXAA really just results in some sort of memory leak now. Either way, turning on temporal AA causes my game performance to rapidly degrade from one mission to the next. All seems fine when I use SMAA, FXAA or no AA. 

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Not sure about memory leak but Temporal AA doesn't seem to work properly without enabling Depth of Field:
If you enable Depth of Field and disable it again it seems to be better.
Default camera (fuzzy helmet) (Depth of Field off):

But if you reverse the camera (smooth) (Depth of Field off):


But currently Depth of Field causes more issues for me, the extreme blur effects...



The new blur effect really gives me a headache. Not just abilities, many things trigger the blur effect, such as blur effect when taking health damage, it's annoying for Inaros).
I have to sacrifice both Depth of Field and Temporal AA to make it tolerable.

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