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TWW Bugs (spoilers(duh))


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I have encountered these during my play through.

There is an invisible platform above the boss fight near the end. It is not in the center, instead, go towards where the exit is and bullet jump at the ceiling towards the center of the room.
After the queens/Teshin fight, the game forces me into melee only, and removes my ability to use powers (as it was during the fight). Also, the door won't open to extraction and no enemies spawn outside the door. Cannot extract.
How did I get outside the door? Here is a quick guide on how to clip through a door. (can be done solo, without lag)
1. find a door (has been tested on a grineer door)
2. bullet jump into door, then hit 5 when you are at maximum velocity while bullet jumping the door
3. You should be in the door, I typed /unstuck and ended up in the door (you may not have to do this as you could probably get your warframe in the door by pressing 5 again)
4. Repeat step 2 then proceed to step 5
5. You should now be on the other side of the door

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