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Sortie 'Revamp'


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Straight to the point, DE, what was the purpose of the 'Sortie Revamp?' Because the way I see it, you've basically converted back to Sortie 1.0 but, excluded Vandal/Wraith Weapons, Nezha Parts from the reward table and the entire Season idea. What frustrates me the most is the addition of the newly introduced 'Riven Mods' to the Sortie reward table. What, do you honestly believe by adding them to the sortie reward, it will be an easy acquisition process for players? Perhaps you have forgotten that RNG is a massive factor. I'm no futurist but I can certainly guarantee 1 thing, I WILL NOT be receiving any new Riven mods instead, be spammed daily Focus lens, which I do not require of the slightest. In fact, the sortie revamp will most likely push players away from undertaking sorties instead of encouraging them. 


That's enough of me ranting. Now, I have a suggestion that may have been introduced previously because frankly, you guys have given zero consideration regarding the subject. 


Let’s begin with a simple equation: RNG + FL = :angry: 

(FL = Focus Lens)


That is a perfect summary of the Sortie 1.0 reward system. To simply remove RNG from the equation, why not replace it with a system consisting of players earning X (X=Currency) by completing daily sorties, then using their earnings to purchase what they desire from the Sortie Reward table (Prices are determined regarding the items value [Focus Lens valued the cheapest  | Legendary Core valued the highest]). In addition, players can increase their X earnings per completion by undertaking sorties as a group. This will encourage Solo Veteran players (including myself) to associate more with random players.


Also, i would like to discuss the current difficulty of Sortie Missions before we conclude. Currently, they are simply too easy for Veteran players. Sortie missions should provide an option to intensify the difficulty because from what I have experienced, 1 condition, whether it would be Enemy Element enhancement or Energy reductions or even 1 weapon only, is simply not enough to entertain. Perhaps include a Nightmare mode + 1 Condition difficulty? I don't know but I hope you understand where I'm coming from? 

Please consider these DE, to help shape Warframe sorties a better future and more enjoyable, for all Tenno alike!

Anyways, that concludes my discussion and please, leave a comment below and express your opinion and drop a suggestion to help better shape Warframe Sorties.


Thank you


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