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Riven mods problem solutions


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Alright, there is a ton of topics about these mods being too overpowered and ruining the balance. I didn't really bother to read them all, it's just too time-consuming. Here are my thoughts on how to solve the problem.

  1. Make the mods cycle daily, or once in a couple of days. Today it's an OP mod for Soma, adding damage and crit chance, tomorrow it's a mediochre ammo capacity mod for Hind or some other mastery fodder class weapon. But let the mod keep its level.
  2. Obviously, make the efects less powerful. +50% damage when maxed instead of +150% wouldn't be too OP in my opinion.
  3. Make them upgradeable only with other riven mods instead of endo, like it was with the old system, but 1 fused mod will always give +1 rank. In the same time make riven mods untradeable. 
  4. Don't allow riven mods to have multiple damage effects at once. So, one effect of raw/elem damage or crit and 1-3 utility effects of status, ammo capacity, fire rate, negatives etc.

I will add more if I come up with anything else.

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1 minute ago, Sparrowed said:

Looks like u just jelous u don't get soma mod. It's end-game content, super rare and expensive, so what's the "Riven mods problem" of yours?


Just now, Marcooze said:

There is no "Problem" with Riven mods. 

All there is, are entitled cry-babies throwing a tantrum 'cus they can't get their hands on the new shinyshiny IMMIDIATELY. Grow up.

I think that these mods were implemented as a bandaid to make weak guns actually useful. What's going wrong here is that they empower already powerful weapons to ridiculous levels that shouldn't be achieved. It will make players stick to the meta even more, which is unhealthy and opposite to what DE wanted as I see it.

And I'm not jealous, I got a sweet OP mod for Paris myself.

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Guys its a solution page not a guide for help you (there are other threads).

In my opinion the stats are fine. (no need to nerf)
But if somebody can equip 8 of the dmg, crit and crit chance mod on tonkor that will beet the lvl3000 bombard in a shoot. So it has to be limited that positive effect can be equiped only once by Riven mods (2+ mods different stat bonuses each).

For the upgrade:
We have Nitain, Kuva, Orokin chiper, Omega isotope these kind of rare resourcese so make them useable like: lock stat (max 2.), incrase stat (has to be a maximum for this).

And I would suggest get rid of the weapon specification when you reroll it. (Also do not raise that cost)

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33 minutes ago, Sparrowed said:

Looks like u just jelous u don't get soma mod. It's end-game content, super rare and expensive, so what's the "Riven mods problem" of yours?

Farming Kuva 24/7 isn't good endgame.

Super rare? Got a raw damage/multishot/elemental mod for my vectis for 200 pl. That single mod increases my damage by 80-90%. And that's not even close to a real optimal mod. We have the 4th day since release.

You don't need a one in 10.000 mod to wreck balance. Just keep on rerolling til you get raw damage/multishot and you are set.

In about a month we'll drown in forum threads demanding challenging content, because the current one has been trivialized. No point in using single target damage, when aoe  weapons have been become strong enough to oneshot. What about balance between rifles on one side and shotguns, secondaries, melee and damaging warframe abilities on the other side?

Box of Pandorra.

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