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[TWW Spoilers] A couple of suggestions for the Operator.


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So I was thinking about the Operator and how it works right now and I like it for the most part. There are only two things I wish you would change/buff. The first thing is that basic laser beam you get for your left click needs a bit of a buff to do just a bit more damage I'm thinking like 50% more damage or something like that would be nice. As for the change I was thinking for the same laser that it should have its own drain separate from the other abilities so you can do something if your main drain runs out, if not that a separate drain for the laser then could we get like a side arm like a basic lato so we are not defenseless in that form. Also I should clarify that yes I realize that the intent was to really only use the form when needed but I really like running around as my operator and would like it to be viable to some degree, I really hope that this is considered at some point and I thank you for taking the time to read this.

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