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[Spoiler-ish] Maybe DE could do this to our Orbiter compartment...


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Didn't really see an idea section, so I decided to just post it here. Anyway, since we can now walk around as our Operator, here's an idea for the orbiter compartment:

A frame room.


Yep, a frame room. Remember how in Iron Man 3, there are some shots where you can see all these Iron Man suits in the room? No? Here's what I mean:



How awesome would it be to just have a space where all your frames are stored and you can walk up to one and use transference to select it for your loadout? The Operator room in the back has tons of completely wasted space where these suits could be stored or they could build another room for it in case they have plans for this space.


In fact, here's an idea to make the whole orbiter thing cooler:

My idea would be that when you log in, you spawn in as a frame or operator, depending on how you quit. When you switch to your Operator, your frame goes into the slot it belongs in the suit room and to retreive that frame or any other frame, you walk to the suit room to select your frame and then go to your arsenal to change your loadout coming with it. To start a mission, you first go into the capsule you also enter when your exit a mission and thén the starchart pops up to pick a destination. When a destination is chosen and the timer reacher 5 seconds to start, your camera zooms out of the orbiter to 3rd person landing craft view (your loading screen). Then when you reach your destination, you get the cutscenes like before and when you leave the mission again, you now follow your landing craft as it flies away (again, loading screen). When your orbiter is loaded, you zoom in again and your frame walks out of the capsule.

I dunno about you guys, but I would reeeaaaally love this as it gives the orbiter more purpose than just being a fancy walking-simulator-menu with a fadeout to black as you go to your loading screen.....right? :D


Anyway, let me know what you guys think and if someone from DE sees this, please take it into consideration :)



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Just now, Exlodian_Akitora said:

Man if I got a plat for every time I see posts like these....I would have enough for nearly all the deluxe skin packs...jeez. No offense mate I agree with you more lively hood with our operators and the warframes its self...just amount of these posts i've seen over the time of second dream to now.

Yeah I wasn't expecting this to be a new idea, but I have not seen it since TWW dropped and nów it is actually a viable option. Before, your operator was just a lazy b*tch sitting in her own room with some floaty stuff behind him or her, but now with the whole transference upgrade, this would make 100% sense.

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17 minutes ago, KaizergidorahXi said:

Or you could be able to place a copy of them in Decorator mode, like a life-size Noggle. 

That would become a mess at some point without any extra space lol :D

inb4 no room left in 2 years time when there's a bunch of new frames

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