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[Bug] Uranus Exterminate Mission Can't Be Finished, and the Snail Archwing


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An exterminate mission for Perrin Sequence on Stephano (Uranus) cannot be finished, I go through all of the mission and not enough enemies spawn, it ends up taking me through a gigantic tile of submersible Archwing and ending at the extraction point as if it was an enemy, went through it with Ash and Mirage, same result both times, about 100 ~ 130 enemies killed of about 160 necessary, did them solo. It was very frustrating because the mission is very long and takes a lot of swimming with an Archwing at a snail's pace. 

Also, please make the Archwing faster underwater? It swims like a snail and makes the game look like a vaporwave song being played at 25% speed, it's awful.


Thanks for developing this awesome game.

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I'm not a mod but you should probably repost this in the Home > Bug Reports > PC Beta Bugs > Missions section of the forum and just leave out the archwing being slow comment as it's a bug report.  Also probably specify that it's a submersible mission type in the title.  I've been having the same bug as well :c.

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