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I feel soon A new war will start (Not TWW Spoilers or related)


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I feel the reason grineer corpus tenno or maybe even invested can't fight the Sentient is because they adapt when alone/in really small groups where as grineer corpus and infested stay grouped they are studying us for an attack that is coming soon and i feel the grineer corpus tenno maybe infested if they can somehow tame them...will have to fight the sentient in the final battle

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3 minutes ago, (PS4)gamerpie12 said:

Basically the sentients are too powerful to fight alone, everyone in the solar system, the grineer, the corpus, and the infested may have to team together to take them out.  

The only thing that the Sentients can't adapt to is pure void energy, 


something our new operator abilities give us access to!

Problem being, it's currently so weak it does nothing. They're planning to work on the new stuff which I imagine will be a counter/hard counter for Sentient style enemies.

EDIT: Also take note, they (being Sentients and Shadow Stalker) already can't adapt to that form of energy. Fun fact.

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