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[TWW] Riven mods, Cycle and Imprint Cycle


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We all have a basic idea of cycling riven mods, spend 900+ kuva and you have a reroll of the stats, but have to do some new challenge. I'm proposing an addition to this, either something to make it a part of the current 'cycle' option or adding a new option, Imprint Cycle.

Imprint Cycle would be a secondary option to cycling, when you go to cycle a mod it would ask "Would you like to Imprint?" for an additional cost, more kuva, maybe orokin cells, and by doing so opens the mod up to be Imprinted on by certain mods. The idea is when you put the riven mod on your rifle and take it to a mission, it will pull 1 stat from the mods around it, and has a chance to pull stats from the others, this also has the option to pull the same stat multiple times making it a super boost! Now the amount of the stats it pulls and how many is still RNG based, and it can pull them and make them NEGATIVE, so we keep with the RNG that DE loves, but at least this gives us SOME CONTROL.

The idea came to me because DE changed the keys to make it...well, more 'fair' by allowing us to tweak the chances. Why not let us do the same with this mess of RNG. I mean they are RIVEN mods, torn and pieced together mods, why not let them pull from mods on the rifle?

Alternate idea for Imprinting: For X cost you can fuse an appropriate mod into a veiled riven card, increasing the chances for that stat, how ever, the amount it gives you is based on the level of the card. Example, if you imprint a unranked serration into a riven mod, doing it just 1 time, you have a X% chance for the riven mod to give you, at max, 15-60% extra damage.  The idea is that it will go off the level of the card +3 levels, so a maxed serration would be 165-210% extra damage. But keep in mind, this is only a CHANCE because DE loves RNG, SO! To have higher chances you have to put in MORE of the same card, keep feeding it cards until what ever cap DE decides to give it for % chance.

Now obviously there is the issue of cost here...cause serration is freaking expensive. SO! Rank of mod + level = higher % chance. An example would be, again, serration at max rank, do it twice for say 50% chance, capped. But something like say...point strike...you need to put in say...6 of them at max rank for 50%. On top of that, yes, I would allow for multiple mods to be fused into the same riven card, only up to 3, but it's still RNG so there is still the CHANCE(50% if you do it all right) that you WONT get that stat. So you can put in max serration, point strike, vital sense, and EACH would have a 50% chance to come through, (again these are my numbers and DE can change as they see fit) but you can still come out, if rng hates you, with the riven mod giving you mag capacity, reload speed, and status duration...Or it could just be evil and give you + crit chance and crit damage but - base damage.

Is it perfect? No, but it gives us some CONTROL over the situation, cause as it stands pure RNG with massively increasing costs for multiple rerolls is aggrevating, as well as the trading community taking advantage of this by selling veiled mods with high cycle costs. DE needs to give us some control over the RNG, like they did for the relics, and this was the...well in my mind the best way to go about it, the one most likely to be used by DE considering the trend of what they have done.

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