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I have noticed that this has not been fixed as of yet.


Myself and two friends (amongst many others in my clan) have issues with the friend list either saying a player is offline, when obviously they are not. Either we try to re-add and continue to see that they are offline, or it works until we log off. After that we have to re-add eachother again to our list.


Many of us have triple checked our router ports. I personally am in DMZ mode and have no issues connecting to other games at all. It's just the contacts list repeatedly saying that the other person is offline, which goes the same in reverse.


I really do hope that this is fixed, and soon. I would love to play this game with a full group of four of my friends, and not two while the other two are unable to connect to anyone.

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I'm still having this issue. Sent in a ticket and everything and all the solution (while pretty helpful for future reference and such) didn't work. Its only one person that its doing this to in my list and that's my boyfriend.. so in essence I cannot play the game with the one person I really want to..

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